January 9, 2011

Irish-Inspired Green Beanie for Dad!

I decided I wanted to make a ribbed hat for my dad, I had this wonderful Irish-themed aran yarn from Knit Picks and I just decided to wing it.

I used size 8 interchangeable acrylic circulars, bamboo DPNs to shape the top.
CO90 (my dad's head was 23 inches around, I might go for a different number next time)
*K2, P1* around until the piece measures about 9 inches (you can make it longer or shorter depending on how you want the fold to look)

*K2TG, P1, K2, P1* across
*K1, P1* 1 rnd
*K2tg, P2tg* across
*K1, P1* 1 rnd
*P2tg* across
weave yarn through the ends and pull tight


  1. Nice hat - what type and size needles did you use?

  2. Thanks! I used size 8 zephyr acrylic interchangeable circular needles (by Knit Picks), but to shape the top I used bamboo DPNs.