July 9, 2010

Summer Projects

This knitting thing is lasting longer than many expected, including myself. Besides convincing myself it can be somehow related to feminism I have also found it to be rather relaxing, interesting, and thrifty. Yes, three adjectives in a row. Score.

Right now I'm working on a Father's Day scarf (more like a end-of-August scarf at this rate) along with a series of dishcloths to replace those my roommate has taken with her into Columbia Heights. So far I've finished two small ones out of leftover yarn from my shrug, one heart shaped one and a squarish one, but they're basically useless because they're too small to hang from the oven handle or to dry anything substantial. In an effort not to waste my precious yarn (my preeciousss) I decided to shred some cotton t-shirts to see what happens when I knit them up. I tried to make it a good 1-inch wide strip but it probably varies between 1/4 inch and 1.5 inch, with an average of about 1 inch I'd say. This first one is coming out alright, I decided to do a k2 row, p2 row repeat because I couldn't chose between stockinette and garter stitch. I have another ball of t-shirt yarn to use so maybe the next one I'll try to cable or something cool like that.

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