July 28, 2010

Baggie baggie baggie can't you see...

So I made this little baggie to put Nina's bday present in, a hand-knit thong! I still haven't finished the thong but I finished the baggie. I kinda just made up this pattern because I wanted something flat-knit but with holes to see whats inside. I'll post the pattern here for anyone interested.

Work stock for 8 rows, slipping first stitch purlwise
Sl 1 (K2tg, k2tg, yo, yo) across row
sl first stitch, stockinette for 14 rows
*Sl 1 (K2tg, yo) till last 2, k2. Next row Sl 1, purl across. Repeat for 8 rows.*
Sl 1, work stockinette for 34 rows
Repeat *
Sl 1 work stockinette for 8 rows
Sl 1 (K2tg, k2tg, yo, yo) across rows
Work stockinette 8 rows, BO
Seam sides, RS in. Then loop scrap yarn through the top loops.

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