October 18, 2012

Can't... resist... cheap... yarn...!

Today I went after class to Value Village Thrift Store in Hyattsville. You know.... to pick up a few things. Halloween things. Necessary things. Instead I came back with yarn.

On the bright side: it's yarn, and it was a steal.
On the other hand: I already have sooo much yarn!

Nonetheless, photo op time!

my shopping loot!

they're ginormous skeins

These two skeins were $3.99 a piece, each has about 642 yards. That's roughly the size of six-and-a-half regularly-sized skeins. Need I say more?

A lot of the time when I go thrift shopping I end up with a bunch of anonymous yarns without tags or other proper identification, so it's a real treat when they have actual attached labels! These came in some bags with a few anons, I just grouped them together on my Ravelry profile. 

couldn't even find this particular one on Ravelry for some reason

Orange for Halloween (in theory)

I only spent a total of $22.17, including two sewing patterns, a beanie baby, some pumpkin candles, cat slippers, three (and a half) sets of straight acrylic needles, and seven skeins of yarn. 

So, all around a pretty successful day! 

In fact, I got so excited by my yarn photo-op that I took new Ravelry pics of many of my other yarns :)

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