May 11, 2013

Kindle Coozie - Pattern Soon to Come!

I made this Kindle Koozie (pronounced coo-zee) a while ago, but in use I realized just what a great piece it is! The pattern really blossomed out of necessity (partially from accident) but the shape is perfect for holding my Kindle, it slides in-and-out with no issue, it opens easily, and I can even charge my Kindle while it's still in the case (if the plug is facing upwards). I forget about my Kindle a lot, and just sort of throw it into the bottom of my bag or in the back seat of my car, and it has yet to be damaged in any way! But the cover has taken a bit of a beating (it is about 9 months old), so this is a good opportunity to re-create it so I can share the pattern with the world.

Let me share with you how it came about:
When I got my Kindle last February, I knew I had to make my own case for it! I figured this was a great excuse to use the rest of this beautiful blue acrylic-cashmere blend I found in a thrift store, whose fiber is a bit too warm for a summer accessory, and it's color almost too summery for a cold-weather piece! I also had just received a load of straight needles that belonged to my grandmother, and as a major hat-knitter I had barely a chance to use them! I also was going cable-crazy at the time, and absolutely needed to include a cable in this pattern. I had a feeling it might be too narrow as I was knitting the first side, so I added a couple of stitches to give it width and depth on the bottom fold. When I got to the flap, I wanted something that wouldn't curl too much but would still look nice, so I decided to use seed stitch. After finding a suitable button, I made a button hole and voila! All-in-all, it was really a coincidence that it turned out so well, but the second time around will certainly be more tactful!

I'm going to post the pattern as soon as I've perfected it!

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